Mike Moser is preparing for what will almost certainly be his final season at UNLV.

"We've got Mike's picture up as one of the seniors," Rebels coach Dave Rice said. "When we meet as a team and I talk about the seniors, I talk about Justin Hawkins, Quintrell Thomas and Anthony Marshall, and I always include Mike.

"He needs to have a great year and move on to his next challenge. He's going to put himself in a great position after this year. One of the words that we always use with our system is interchangeability, and Mike's as versatile a guy as we have on our team."

Rice plans to use Anthony Bennett as a power forward and shift the 6-foot-8 Moser to the small forward spot.

"Bennett will be a great addition," Moser said. "It will help me, help Bennett and help the team. It kind of fits us all and puts us more in our natural positions. It helps us put a lot more size on the floor. We'll be able to throw out all kinds of lineups."