The Warriors have until Oct. 31 to sign Stephen Curry to a contract extension.

"I've talked to Bob (Myers)," Curry said after working out at the team’s practice facility. "He's expressed that they want me as a part of the future. Obviously it's a business decision, an investment, and they have to protect themselves as well. I don't know what that'll mean and exactly what they'll offer. But hopefully they see how hard I've been working in the summer to get back and that I have a different optimism than I've had going into each year. I'm ready to go.

"They've seen me work out a little bit now. Knowing that we went into the ankle in April and saw there was no structural damage, no red flags that say, 'Hey, he's not going to be the same player ever again' -- all those things kind of add up to me being a good investment piece for the future."

Curry is scheduled to be a restricted free agent next offseason.

"You're playing chess with it," Curry said. "If they were to take that approach to wait and I've had a great season, hopefully it would spark some interest across the league for the future and the price would drive up. If I were the Warriors, I'd offer a reasonable amount and sign me up now."