Rodrigue Beaubois is working with a boxing trainer in an effort to become tougher and more physical on the court.

"Roddy B's been working out actually. He's been in the gym; I saw him just the other day. He's taking boxing classes," Mavs owner Mark Cuban said. "I told Roddy and the folks around him, I said he's got to learn to throw a punch and take a punch. So he's been taking some boxing classes, he's been working out, he's bigger, he's stronger. He's going to have a chance to compete, just like everybody."

Beaubois’ production has stagnated in part because of a dislocated finger suffered last April.

"He should be [farther along], but once he got hurt he didn't recover quite the way we had hoped," Cuban said. "But I think that's in the past now and so he'll have every opportunity. We'll find out. We're not going to pre-judge. He's going to get a chance to play and if he outplays O.J., he'll play instead of O.J. If he outplays Darren, he'll play instead of Darren. It's very Darwinian."