Baron Davis will help mentor some of the Knicks’ younger players this upcoming season, Davis’ agent Todd Ramasar said.

"He'll still be around the team and could kind of help some of the younger guys just through his experience," Ramasar said. "The Knicks have been wonderful in terms of just extending support to Baron, whether it be through obviously his physical therapy or just having him involved with the organization going forward. He really loves that team and that organization has done an excellent job with Baron, and Baron feels like that's home. He really, really enjoyed last season with the Knicks."

Davis plans to make a comeback after suffering a partial tear of the patella tendon in his right knee and complete tears of the right anterior cruciate and medial collateral ligaments.

"From what I'm observing, a lot of his therapy is just coming from walking and strengthening that leg again, and kind of adding some of those muscles that might have atrophied from the time down," Ramasar said. "He's starting to get those muscles to fire again."