Paul Lukas of Uni Watch ranks the uniforms of all 30 NBA teams, with the Celtics coming in first.

"The Rolling Stones, "Goodfellas," a Hershey's with almonds -- the classics are classic for a reason," writes Lukas about the Celtics. "That definitely applies to the Celtics' set. No goofy side panels, no extraneous bells or whistles -- just a perfect, vertically arched wordmark and a simple green-and-white color scheme. They rank atop this list despite sometimes wearing that black-trimmed alternate."

The Spurs, Lakers, Warriors and Jazz comprise the remainder of the top-five.

"The Raiders aren't the only team that knows how to wear silver and black," writes Lukas in regards to the Spurs. "In addition to the killer colors, the Spurs are also among the few NBA teams that have successfully incorporated a graphic image into their chest typography -- a small element that goes a long way."

6. Wizards
7. Thunder
8. Heat
9. Knicks
10. Blazers
11. Pistons
12. Pacers
13. Bulls
14. 76ers
15. Hornets
16. Suns
17. Grizzlies
18. Nuggets
19. Rockets
20. Hawks
21. Raptors
22. Bucks
23. Cavaliers
24. Mavericks
25. Clippers
26. Bobcats
27. Magic 
28. Wolves
29. Nets (based on last year's set)
30. Kings