Dwyane Wade doesn't want the Heat to have a similar post-championship season as the Heat experienced in 06-07.

"We want to be a lot more prepared than we were," said Wade. "I have no worries that we will be. I'm a lot better with this group of guys we have. It's a totally different mentality being with the guys we have than then."

The Heat will incorporate Ray Allen and Rashard Lewis into the rotation.

"Our mentality, obviously, is LeBron is one of the best players in this game, hands down, and we want him to continue to be that player," he said. "But, also, you never know who's going to emerge."

Wade also talked about how essential it is that he, LeBron James and Chris Bosh continue to evolve.

"You never know what player is going to start off and be playing a certain way and you switch things up a little bit," Wade said. "But we have that luxury, because we have not only three marquee players, but we have a lot of other players on our team that's very capable, highly capable, and very good."