Steve Novak is working to expand his offensive repertoire to be more than just a spot-up shooter.

"In the NBA, they say, 'Do what you do,'" said Novak. "I try to never get away obviously from understanding what my strength is, which is shooting the ball, but knowing how defenses are going to change this year guarding me, I knew I had to work on my one- and two-dribble pullups. I knew I had to be more comfortable putting the ball on the floor more and dribbling more -- not just catching and shooting. 

That's really what I did a lot of work on -- lots of reps with "The Gun," the rebounding machine. I would just get the ball and shot fake to the right, shot fake to the left and shot fake to draw the foul. The thing I've been focusing on is just a small change, being more comfortable with that, but I feel like it's one of those small changes that can just make a really big difference. I feel like if I can draw fouls on my shot fake and that kind of thing, it totally changes the way a defender has to guard me.