Vinny Del Negro has assumed a bigger role within the Los Angeles Clippers' organization, but he is also in the final season of his contract.

 "I think there's always pressure, but I think that's a position that you want to be in," said Del Negro.

"My goal coming here was to help change the environment, change the culture and change the direction of the organization."

The Clippers went 40-26 in the regular season and Del Negro took them to the second round of the playoffs.

Del Negro said there has been "a little bit" of discussion about his contract extension, but there is "no sense of urgency for either side" to get a deal done right away.

"Of course, I wish it was under maybe a different situation," Del Negro said. "But I was on a one-year deal last year and I'm still here and enjoying myself and believe in what we're doing. I think all those things work themselves out over time."