Minnesota Timberwolves' owner Glen Taylor recently talked about David Kahn's relationship with other general managers and how he is perceived around the NBA.

“I don’t think David has built the basketball rapport that the other GMs have. He is not like [Kevin] McHale, with a lot of funny stories. David is sort of like, ‘This is the way I am, and you’re going to have to adjust.’ So to a lot of people, he might come off like he thinks he’s too smart or that he is right all the time.

“But David hired a good staff and he works them hard. And he works hard. This is his life. When things were getting tense last year, I said to him, ‘David, go out to Portland [his hometown] and take some days off. The team isn’t playing well and you’re going to get beat up, I’m going to get beat up. Just get away for a while.’ He would never think of that.”