The Toronto Raptors selected Terrence Ross with the eighth overall pick in the 2012 NBA Draft, a selection that some cited as a reach.

Ross was the best player available on the Raptors' board and there has been no second guessing to date.

Ross will be behind DeMar DeRozan on the Raptors' depth chart at shooting guard.

“(DeMar) is still our starting two,” Dwane Casey said following a morning practice on Wednesday. “Nobody has emerged over him. Terrence is doing a good job of working him, but DeMar is an experienced player and he is using it.”

“You can just see him learning, following everybody and just listening at the same time,” DeRozan said. “He’s not a big talker, but I wasn’t either. As long as you listen and do what you’re supposed to, I mean you’re going to make mistakes but you learn. He’ll be fine.”

The Raptors' goal is to make the playoffs, which means Ross and fellow rookie Jonas Valanciunas will have to battle for minutes.

“They shouldn’t be patient,” Casey said.

“They should be in there scrapping and fighting for minutes and that’s what they have been doing. DeMar is still a little bit above the young guy but I don’t want Terrence to be patient. I want him out there fighting and scratching for minutes, but at the same time if he doesn’t play, he has to understand (his) time is coming and be ready. He’s doing that. He’s a great kid and he’s working his butt off.”