Duane Casey believes Dominic McGuire will improve several of the Toronto Raptors' defensive holes.

“He’s a defender first of all,” Casey said. “He’s that tough, gritty, grimy defender who has experience and he’s an excellent passer. He can get the rebound and bust out and start the break. He’s a legit 6-foot-9 and he can guard multiple positions so that will be his speciality.

“He’s somebody we felt like we needed and we went after him and luckily we got him,” Casey said. “It was a long process. We weren’t sure we were going to get him. I think Brooklyn was interested in him. I know Golden State coaches — I talked to them and they wanted to get him back, but we’re glad we have him.

McGuire was able to get his career on track last season with the Warriors.

“He was a specialist for Golden State,” Casey said. “He knew who he was. He knew his role and that’s what he is going to be for us. He’s a tough guy but a great teammate. Guys love him. He’s a guy who puts his hard hat on every day and he’s our kind of guy. We need that in our mix.”

McGuire hopes to remain with the Raptors for the foreseeable future.

“I’m never worried about getting a job, but I would like some stability and hopefully I can find a home here with Coach Casey and his system because I feel it fits me perfectly,” McGuire said.