Brandon Jennings added a running floater to his game last season, a move he picked up from watching Steve Nash.

"It's the one-leg floater in the lane," Jennings said. "When you play against a guy like that, you just see the different ways he can score.

"It's not easy what you can take from him. But if you put time into it, I really wanted to perfect some of the things he does. A lot of his buckets are easy. I've watched a lot of film on him and if I ever want to talk to him, I have that direct contact with him.

"And the fact he's 38 and playing is amazing."

Jennings is also working on his defensive game during camp. 

Jennings and Monta Ellis will frequently have to guard bigger guards.

"The thing about being undersized is are they being run down in the post by bigger guards and are bigger guards scoring on us?" Scott Skiles said. "That usually doesn't happen. There aren't that many guards that post up anymore.

"Their main responsibility is keeping people in front of them on the perimeter. Brandon took a step back last year with that.

"We felt like Monta came in and bought into our defense. Both guys have been very good so far this year in camp.

"It's great to have more shot-blocking. We just have to make sure we don't get suckered into that and feel we can give up penetration and those guys are going to swat them all out of there. All of our perimeter people have to try to keep their man in front of them."