Thomas Robinson has met expectations of the Sacramento Kings coming into training camp.

"I was more comfortable out there than I thought I'd be, so it's been good so far," said Robinson of his first week of NBA training camp. "I'm just trying to pick up everything I can."

Keith Smart has praised Robinson's effort and technique in defending the post.

Robinson played three seasons at Kansas, making him further along than many of the members of the 2012 NBA Draft class.

"You have to practice hard and play hard (at Kansas)," Smart said. "Obviously, he does those things. The next part of that is he comes in as a true veteran in a sense because the little things rookies go through, the frustration, he's already gone through that in his life off the floor."

Robinson could have a chance to start.

"I think he's ready to play from a physical standpoint from what he gives, but there's still a lot of things he's still going to have to learn," Smart said. "And I'll know that when I put him in some of the preseason games and see what happens there. Because he's going to have to play against longer, faster guys in the position he's going to play. So rather than say, here goes the starting position for you, I've got to see how he manages."