Kevin Durant thinks people are making too much of his offseason workouts with LeBron James.

“A lot of people blew (it) out of proportion,” the reigning three time scoring champion said. “It was just one day.”

For the second consecutive offseason, Durant traveled to Ohio train with James.

“I'm a competitive guy,” Durant said. “I'm sure you guys have seen that in me. I just wanted to work out. That's what it was all about. I'll work out with anybody. I would have worked out with Kobe Bryant. I would have worked out with Carmelo (Anthony). I just wanted to work out and get better.”

Scott Brooks sees the collaboration as an opportunity for Durant to improve.

“I think they help each other, and their friendship has nothing to do with how they compete against each other on the floor,” the Thunder coach said. “I think that's blown out of proportion. I think it's good.

“It's not like he worked out with him every day throughout the summer. But that doesn't bother me. You want to work out with the best players that you can find and you're not going to find a better player than LeBron.”