Ersan Ilyasova improved his three-point shooting to 45.5 percent last season, a mark he hopes to maintain this season.

"I'm looking forward to doing the same thing this year," Ilyasova said.

"The thing is with all those percentages is that I'm just going to try and take the good shot," Ilyasova added. "Brandon (Jennings) and Monta (Ellis) did a really good job penetrating and kicking and finding me open. All I have to do is knock the shot down. It's a part of our game."

Scott Skiles has been realistic about Ilyasova's three-point shooting.

"Usually, when a player goes from (29.8) percent from three to (45.5) percent from three, usually there's a mean that they revert back to," Skiles said. "I wouldn't sell Ersan short though, as long as he has his feet set and takes good ones. His issue wasn't will he take the three, it was will he take good ones? Will he step in and take some twos? Obviously, he became much more efficient. I just don't want people to think that if he's all of a sudden shooting 41 that he's having a bad year."