Steve Nash nearly signed a contract with the Toronto Raptors in the offseason.

Nash was offered a three-year, $36 million contract by the Raptors, which was considerably more money than what he eventually received from the Lakers.

"I was very close, you know," Nash said. "Because it appeared that they were going to be an option long before free agency started. So I got my head around that and I was comfortable with that and happy with the opportunity to play in Toronto. But when this opportunity (with the Lakers) became a reality, I couldn't pass it up."

Nash picked the Lakers due to their title possibilities and remaining close to his family in Arizona.

Nash, however, was genuinely excited about the possibility of joining the Raptors.

"It wasn't in any way like, 'Oh well, I gotta go to Toronto.' I was thrilled," Nash said.

"Unfortunately it wasn't a team contending for a championship. But I love Toronto, it's home in many senses. And I think it's a first-class organization and a first-class city and I would have been extremely proud to play for them and represent the city, and play for those fans and hopefully help get that team into the playoffs."