LeBron James may post similar assist numbers to his tenure with the Cavaliers this season as the Heat incorporate Ray Allen and Rashard Lewis into the lineup.

James averaged a career-high 8.6 assists with the Cavaliers during the 09-10 season.

"That's possible," James said. "I've always kind of been up there in the top leaders in assists, and I haven't had this much firepower around me before. But it's all to the credit of my teammates. They're the guys, they have to make the shot, I just try to put it there on time. They have to actually make the shot for me to get the credit for the assist."

"He can read [the court] as well as anybody I've been around," Erik Spoelstra said. "He has that type of IQ but also incidence. You look around the gym and we have proven NBA scorers. We've found a player that allows everybody an opportunity to use the skills that they proven over the years. LeBron has that complete skill set."