Derrick Rose will not be on the bench of the Chicago Bulls while he recovers from his ACL surgery.

“Just concentrate on the rehab. He’s taking care of that and the rest of the guys are taking care of being ready to play,” Tom Thibodeau said. “At some point, he’ll rejoin us. He’s doing fine, working hard, coming along.”

Rose may attend home games, but likely will work on his recovery while at the arena.

Rose may also return to his offseason headquarters in Southern California while the Bulls are on their circus road trip.

“It depends on what’s going to serve us best,” Thibodeau added. “He’s usually doing rehab during part of the game, so I want that to be the focus. He may travel some, he may not. If it better serves us to have him here or someplace doing rehab, we’re going to do that.”