Andrew Bogut is being limited to just 20 minutes per game until at least December.

Bogut's surgically repaired ankle has been more problematic than both he and the Golden State Warriors were anticipating.

"I'm being pushed and pulled from all angles," Bogut said on Friday. "My agent, the doctors and trainers here, they want me playing (at full health) in February and March and April because if I try to do something stupid now, I could have a setback. I understand both sides of it.

"But I'm a rhythm player, so I find it hard to play in four or five minute bursts because I'm not used to doing that. I've got to figure it out. I don't have time to mope. I have to figure it out, how to affect the game as much as I can in the four or five minute bursts that I'm out there for the next month."

Bogut is lobbying for more playing time.

"The doctor is pretty stubborn and adamant, and rightfully so," Bogut said of Richard Ferkel, who performed the procedure. "He's done millions of these things before. Just yesterday, I spoke to him and tried to get my minutes extended to 24 minutes for the next couple games and he wasn't having any of it. I understand their point of view, but obviously it's frustrating. I've got to stay the course and stay positive.

"Outside looking in, it's better for me long-term, but personally it's mentally tough and mentally draining to be set to an amount of minutes, but that's the task I have to deal with right now."