Erik Spoelstra met with Oregon's football coach Chip Kelly two summers ago and the two discussed a fast paced offense centered around athleticism and speed. Spoelstra called the offense "pace-and-space".

The Miami Heat used that offense to great effect in Monday's 124-99 win over the Phoenix Suns.

The Heat went 15-for-26 on three-pointers and recorded 33 assists.

The idea is very similar to "Seven Seconds or Less".

“That was probably the most unselfish team I’ve ever played against since I’ve been in the NBA,” Dudley said. “It was drive, kick, swing, penetrate, flair -- I mean they were hitting everyone. 

“That’s the way basketball is supposed to be played. They perfected it to a T.” 

When the Big 3 first formed, the Heat played more of a halfcourt offense.