The Philadelphia 76ers first worked with Aaron Barzilai when they asked him for a special project on Andre Iguodala’s and Lou Williams’ free agency.

Barzilai later went on to spend nearly four years with the Memphis Grizzlies before being hired last week by the 76ers.

“He has a good combination of basketball and analytics,” Tony DiLeo said prior to Monday’s game against the Knicks. “He played in college (at MIT) and worked for Memphis, so he knows what goes on in an NBA organization. He has a great background in statistics and analytics.”

Barizilai will give the 76ers expertise in tendencies and potential combinations.

“To a certain degree, (I’ve always been a fan of analytics),” said DiLeo, who was instrumental in getting an analytics expert. “Now we’re taking it to another level. The more information you have and the more tools you have, the better it is. Hopefully this will give us more information to allow us to make better decisions.”