Rasheed Wallace's biggest value to the New York Knicks so far has been the intangibles he has brought to the club from the bench.

Wallace will be limited in his minutes, but he has had a big voice in sharing insights about the defensive side of the floor.

“I just try to get everybody focused with the team game plan,” Wallace said. “You might get fouled and have a no-call, but let’s still go out and hoop. Just beat them up the other way, and that’s with the scoreboard.”

Wallace went on to explain defense: “What I tell a lot of the younger guys is, ‘My speed isn’t the same, my agility isn’t the same, but yet I still can talk.’ That’s an extra defender out there.”

When Wallace yells from the bench, the Knicks can hear his instructions and advice on the court.

“Last year, a lot of the times, my voice was the only voice out there,” said Tyson Chandler. “I may be focusing on the left side of the floor, and I can hear Rasheed’s voice from the bench. That alerts me, and I’m able to get everyone else’s attention.”