John Calipari praised Nerlens Noel's willingness to be coached.

"He's excited about being coached this way, challenged and pushed," Calipari said of Noel. "And now I've just got to get a team full of guys accepting the fact that you've got to let us define your game a little bit."

Calipari saluted Noel as the hardest-working Kentucky player in practices.

"Is it showing?" the UK coach said before answering his own rhetorical question. "It's showing."

Noel scored 15 points, grabbed four rebounds, blocked a shot and made a steal in a 74-28 exhibition win over Transylvania.

"I've just worked my butt off to really get in shape and get physically ready for what we have in store for the season," Noel said of his production in two exhibition games (32 points, 15 rebounds, five blocks). "And I think I've done a good job with it, but it's not done. I know I've got to kick it up another level for these teams like Maryland and Duke we have to play against. And be ready for them."