MILWAUKEE – After two straight injury-plagued seasons, Drew Gooden is confident that his health is strong and is the best it has been in his time with the Bucks. He’s been listed inactive over the past two games, but for now, he hasn’t broached the topic with coaches and doesn’t plan on doing so.

“I’m doing great,” Gooden told RealGM on Saturday night. “I feel this is the healthiest I’ve been in quite some time.”

Gooden has remained positive in the locker room and vocal while sitting on the bench. Even though he’s playing with his ninth team in 11 seasons, he had a wide smile when talking about the experiences his NBA career has provided: He’s played alongside superstars like Tracy McGrady, LeBron James, Derrick Rose, Tim Duncan, Dirk Nowitzki and Blake Griffin, and has been coached by Doc Rivers, Hubie Brown, Mike Brown, Gregg Popovich and Rick Carlisle.

“Whatever situation I was in, I’ve made the best of it and I still went out and gave you 12 [points] and eight [rebounds],” Gooden said. “Whether it was off the bench or starting, I did something for the team. So that is something that’s been rewarding to me: I’ve been able to be the same player in all those different situations.

“But also, I get to have conversations about Derrick Rose. I get to have conversations about Dirk Nowitzki. I get to have conversations about Tim Duncan, Manu Ginobili, Tony Parker, Blake Griffin. The list goes on and on with the No. 1 picks and stars and Hall of Famers I’ve played with, and coaches.”