Eric Bledsoe has been so impressive in terms of his athleticism and production that the Los Angeles Clippers have begun calling him "Mini-LeBron."

Jamal Crawford began calling Bledsoe that initially during the offseason.

“[LeBron] actually called me that when we left the court,” said Bledsoe after the Clippers’ 107-100 victory over the Heat at Staples Center on Wednesday. “Yeah, he did. He said, ‘This is Baby LeBron.’”

Bledsoe has a 22.18 player efficiency rating (PER), 23 points, 6.3 assists and 5.4 rebounds per 40 minutes.

“It’s great to be called … one of the greats,” Bledsoe said.

“As a point guard, Bled is unbelievable in transition and he’s unguardable,” Paul said. “He shoots the ball now and he attacks like no one else. Going into the fourth quarter, I just tell him to manage the game. As a point guard, you’re going to know that sometimes when you make a steal, Blake Griffin might be yelling for the ball in transition, and you just have to tell him hold on and just manage the game. Like Peyton Manning.”