Mark Jackson has been grooming Harrison Barnes to play to his potential.

"I think coach has done a good job of teaching us in practice," Barnes said, "putting me in good positions to be successful, giving me different touches. Early on, it was an adjustment."

Jackson has often complimented the talents of others in an effort to prod Barnes’ competitive spirit.

"He's a very confident guy, which is great," Jackson said. "I give props to other (rookies), needle him a little bit. That will ensure him a trip to the gym later and attack mode when we face that person. ... Absolutely, I play mind games with him. And he's a smart guy, so it's not your typical mind games."

Barnes expressed gratitude for the increased confidence Jackson has shown in him.

"He thanked me for running plays for him," Jackson said. "But he gets it. He appreciates it because he earned it. He doesn't take it for granted."