Kyrie Irving is emerging as one of the top pitchmen in the NBA.

“If you make a list of the best actors who also have a sports connection, he’s edging into that list that includes LeBron, Shaq, Dwight Howard and Kobe,” ESPN sports business reporter Darren Rovell said. “When you’re thinking about executing an ad with copy, those are the guys you go to. Kyrie is edging into that group.”

Since turning pro last year, Irving’s pitched Nike, Pepsi Max, Foot Locker, Skullcandy and EA Sports.

Irving has drawn high praise for his role as “Uncle Drew,” a character he helped develop for the Pepsi Max series.

“There’s something about what he’s done. He’s almost better off the court than on it,” Rovell said. “He’s doing well [playing], but he’s been so fantastic with the Uncle Drew thing.”