Deron Williams and Dwight Howard were unable to join forces with the Brooklyn Nets or any other team, but both have seemingly moved on.

"Dwight was never (an option for the Nets)," Williams told the USA Today on Monday. "I don't think (the Magic) were ever going to trade him to us, so it doesn't matter. When he opted in (to his contract for another season in mid-March), it kind of took that option away."

The Nets acquired Joe Johnson and re-signed Brook Lopez as their alternative plan to Howard.

"I'm happy for him," Williams said of Howard. "It looks like he's having fun out there in LA. I know it's a lot off his plate now -- although I guess he still has to hear (the free-agency chatter) because he hasn't said if he'll re-sign (with the Lakers this summer). But he's got a home now. I think he's happy there and I wish him the best of luck."