Nicolas Batum signed a big contract in the offseason and has been producing career highs to start the season.

Batum ranks 11th in scoring, seventh in steals and fourth in minutes.

“It’s what people say about me and what people too scared to say it think about me: ‘Yeah, he’s been good, but it’s only been 11 games. We’re going to see the old Nicolas Batum soon,” said Batum. “But I’m going to try to avoid that. I’m not the old Nicolas Batum.”

“He’s such a unique player that you can do a bunch of different things with him,” Terry Stotts said. “His ability to shoot, his quickness to the rim, his length. As a coach, you see all the possibilities and you know it can’t happen all at once, but ... he’s doing a little bit of everything right now.”

Batum has been more aggressive, especially because he isn't deferring anymore to Brandon Roy or Gerald Wallace.

“I’m more free,” said Roy.

“Where I am right now is where I should be,” Batum said. “I just need to try to keep playing, be aggressive and try to produce every night. I’m a different player.”