Mark Jackson has seen enough to find Draymond Green a spot in the Golden State Warriors rotation.

Jackson has been particularly impressed by Green's knack for all-around play.

"I'm looking for everything from him," Jackson said. "I don't minimize him to just a defensive guy. He's a guy that can do everything on the court good. And can lead great. So I don't minimize him. He has the ability to make 3s, the ability to rebound, to defend, make plays."

The Warriors selected Green, who was a four year standout at Michigan State, with the No. 35 pick of the 2012 draft.

"I'm shocked that the guy was on the (draft) board at 35," Jackson said. "I think you watch a guy for four years, then you forget what you witnessed by going through the draft process. Not the highest jumper. Not the most athletic. Not the most explosive. But he's a flat-out winner. He's having an impact on the game."