The Washington Wizards are 0-11 after a 106-108 double overtime loss to the Bobcats on Saturday.

The Wizards started last season 2-15, costing Flip Saunders his job in the process.

“We just lost. Everybody hates losing. You just see the guys faces, it’s like depression. We haven’t won a game yet,” Bradley Beal said. “We still have [71] more games. It’s still a long season. We still have our opportunity to get over .500. Right now, it’s our goal we have to shoot for, is to probably get into the playoffs. We’re going to make it. I have faith in this team. I have confidence in us. I think we’re more than capable of doing it, with the assets that we have. As long as guys keep buying in and never give up, we’ll be fine.”

“You can’t get any closer than we’ve been getting,” Jordan Crawford said.

Beal said Randy Wittman is not the reason why the team remains winless.

“As much as he wants to take credit for it, the game is in our hands. He’s not the one to blame; it’s us. That just shows his leadership. I even blame myself. I had an opportunity to sieze the game and I didn’t. Coach Witt, we’re all buying into him. We love him to death. He wants the best for us.”