Golden State Warriors' general manager Bob Myers took blame for the controversy surrounding Andrew Bogut's left ankle surgery.

The Warriors had announced in April that Bogut had arthroscopic surgery on his ankle and that he would be out three months, but they finally admitted this week that he also had microfracture surgery.

"I know it's being perceived that it was mishandled and not handled appropriately," Myers said during the pregame show on "Chronicle Live." "Ultimately, that rests on my shoulders. ... Ultimately, the last thing I want to do, or anybody in the organization wants to do, is deceive the fans. So the fact that some people feel that way, I feel really bad about that."

Bogut's comments to the media triggered the Warriors to reveal the truth.

"It's a group of people. It's not one person in a room writing a script," Myers said. "In this specific situation, I feel like I could've done a better job, personally, as to how it was conveyed. ... There is no use really offering anything beyond that."