Southern Methodist University is showcasing Hall of Fame coach Larry Brown in an effort to break out of relative obscurity.

"We're using it every way from fund raising, to creating exclusive or intimate interactions with Larry and our staff, to developing excitement on campus, getting him in front of fraternities, sororities, campus organizations," says Rick Hart, SMU's athletic director. "We're trying to showcase coach Brown and utilize not just his talents and abilities, but his reputation and accomplishments to create for our program."

All of the off-court attention has startled Brown.

"I'm like a trophy here now at SMU," Brown says. "I'm doing a lot of things outside of basketball, but in the NBA, it's all basketball."

Brown, 72, will continue making public appearances, even though he doesn't particularly enjoy talking about himself.

"I realized I don't like being the face of the program,” Brown says. “That's the thing that makes me uncomfortable. I want SMU basketball to be relevant, not me being head coach."