Michigan ranks fourth nationally in team field goal percentage (52.4), eleventh in three-point percentage (42.7) and second in points per possession (1.25) this season.

"The number of points we score per possession is leading the Big Ten, and it's a good number," Wolverines coach John Beilein said. "If you score over a point per possession, we're really pleased with that.

"We've got two things happening, we've got low turnovers, and extra possessions from offensive rebounding. ... When you get a few stickbacks, that's a quick percentage booster."

Beilein has enjoyed tinkering with different lineups to create maximum efficiency.

"It's a good problem to have, but figuring it all out (has been tough at times)," Beilein said. "(Depth) gives us the latitude to play three centers if we want, to go big or go small.

"When you only have five or six players, there's not a lot of thinking. ... Now, you can (work with) different rotations and different players."