Blake Griffin is constantly being encouraged to shoot open jumpers, knowing how much extra time he is spending with Los Angeles Clippers' shooting coach Bob Thate.

"Every game, every practice, before every game, a lot of guys will come up and be like, 'Shoot it. We see you working on it every day. Shoot it,'" Griffin said. "That helps to know that your teammates want you to shoot that shot."

Griffin has watched a lot tape with Thate to detect flaws in his jumper.

"Most of the time now when I shoot, when I mess up, I hold the ball a little too long, especially on the way down," Griffin said. "My posture is a lot better as far as going straight up and down. Sometimes I hold the ball back a little too far, but coming back too far is minor. The thing I'm really working on now is trying to shoot on the way up."