Rajon Rondo regrets that he wasn't able to play with his Boston Celtics teammates in the past two games due to a suspension, but he gave no apology for his role in the altercation against the Brooklyn Nets.

Rondo earned a two-game suspension last Thursday for his scuffle with Nets forward Kris Humphries. The Celtics went 1-1 in Rondo's absence.

When asked if he learned a lesson for actions that led to his third suspension in the last nine months, Rondo flatly said on Tuesday: "No."

Rondo, who will return to the court on Wednesday, also reiterated how tough it was for him to watch his teammates play two contests without him.

"It was difficult," he said, "I love being around the guys. I love coming into practice and being around them on the team plane, but I had to miss that for a couple of days. But other than that, everything is back to normal."