After becoming an All-Star last season and receiving a contract extension over the offseason, Roy Hibbert has been a big disappointment this year, averaging just 9.8 points and 8.4 rebounds to go along with a career-low 38 percent shooting from the field.

But Hibbert still believes in his ability to live up to the max deal he got in the summer -- even to the extent of becoming the best center in the NBA.

"I will be the best center in the league one day," Hibbert said.

"The contract? I really haven't thought about it. My life really hasn't changed that much since the contract happened."

Hibbert has been meeting regularly with a sports psychologist to assist him in the mental aspect of the game. Hibbert and the Pacers believe there are factors that have brought down his production: More attention and double-teams and getting the best of opponents on a nightly basis.