Thomas Robinson has made 22 of 43 shots within five feet of the rim this season but just 44.3 percent overall. In his eyes, his struggles have come finishing near the rim.

"I'm not the best finisher right now," Robinson said. "Well, I won't say that. I'm not finishing the way I can right now."

The Sacramento Kings believe this is all part of Robinson's development. Keith Smart lauds the rookie forward's one constant: energy.

"You saw the energy [at Kansas], you saw the effort," Smart said. "You saw the defense, coming over to block a shot. You saw the shooting, the ability to make a 15- to 17-foot jump shot. You saw him be able to get out defensively.

"So the thing you want to focus on is finishing around the basket."

"I'm thinking too much," Robinson added. "That's all it is. It's a mental thing. I've been through this thing before when I was in college."