Andrew Bynum's right knee is feeling much better as he continues to sit out the start of the season with the Philadelphia 76ers.

Bynum's right knee was originally thought to be the lone reason why the start of his season was delayed.

"My left knee is still really sore, right knee is actually better, so that’s good,” said Bynum on Monday, who last spoke to the media on Nov. 25. “It’s just pain, just by walking around. Worst case scenario it’s another month.”

Bynum is scheduled to see doctors again on Dec. 20. 

“Probably so, I’m not sure yet but probably," said Bynum about getting another MRI. "There’s nothing I can really do about it. It’s arthritis in the knees, cartilage is missing so that’s not going to regrow itself. Maybe in the future, in the next three to five years maybe there’s something out there that really does help but for right now it’s really just a waiting game.”

Bynum's comments suggest he chronically has bad knees.

“It’s just continuous pain,” he said of the left knee. “It’s just the bone bruise has to heal. It’s a mirror image of my right knee and my right knee took four months. I think we’re a little bit ahead of the curve because two months my right knee was swollen pretty big. So we’ve gotten the swelling out of that already (in the left) and I think it could be quicker.  If my left knee gets better and feels like my right knee then I’ll be playing."