The Brooklyn Nets have had a big void in the paint since Nov. 28th, since Brook Lopez suffered a sprained foot. 

With Tuesday's 100-97 loss to the Knicks, the Nets have a 1-5 record in the interim without Lopez. 

Avery Johnson gave an uncertain timetable for Lopez’s return. 

“Well, he’s going to come back 100 percent from what we’re told at some point, it’s just not now,” said Johnson. “He’s not going to make the trip (to Toronto). He’s going to stay back and get treated (Wednesday), and then we’ll work him out on Thursday and see where we go from there and see how he recovers. Then we’ll see when we’re off for Friday, and we’ll see where we are for Saturday, and on and on.”

Lopez has now been listed as day-to-day for 10 straight days since his foot injury.

Johnson downplayed any concern about Lopez’s delayed return to the lineup. 

“If really concerned is a 10, I’m probably at, from what I see and I’m told, I’m probably at a 2,” said Johnson. “I’m not really overly concerned.”

However, Johnson did express concern over the production Brooklyn is missing without it’s starting center.

“It is tough,” said Johnson. “A lot of games Brook has been our best player and one of our most consistent players. Not having him in the lineup, and to block shots and helping us at the basket, we’re probably going to try to get more charges. If we’re not going to get the blocked shots, we need to be better defensively in terms of our position and we’ve got to guard the dribble better. Brook’s not going to be back there to save us when we gamble so we’ve got to be a lot more disciplined defensively.”