Kris Humphries has become a $24 million bench player for the Brooklyn Nets immediate future.

Assistant coach Doug Overton explained the reason for the move.

“I think it’s mostly because Andray (Blatche) and Reggie (Evans) seem to have a good chemistry together when they come off the bench with that second unit,” said Overton.

Blatche has replaced Brook Lopez in the starting lineup as Lopez nurses a foot injury.

The move has subsequently elevated Evans into the starting lineup as well.

However, Humphries’ demotion to the bench doesn’t seem permanent. 

“(Blatche and Evans) seem to play really well off of each other and I think the chemistry just wasn’t there with Blatche and Humphries because they haven’t played together much,” said Overton. “I think (Coach Johnson) just wanted to keep it consistent and have those two guys play together.”

Expect Humphries to return to the starting lineup whenever Lopez returns from injury.