After falling to the Denver Nuggets 104-97 on Tuesday night, Tayshaun Prince admitted he believes the Detroit Pistons are losing their defensive poise once they gain leads in games.

"It's just been the same trend that's been happening," Prince said.  "Just giving away games like this, it's not pleasing to the fans, it's not pleasing to us."

The Nuggets shot just 27.3 percent from the field in the first quarter, and then went for over 53.4 percent over the next three quarters -- a similar trend throughout the Pistons' 7-17 start.

"And it's been like that this season so far," Prince said.  "The teams that we've been up on early in the first half, we get really comfortable with what we're doing offensively, then from a defensive standpoint, the discipline ends up going away because we've got it going so good on the offensive end."