The Los Angeles Lakers fell to 9-14 (4-9 under Mike D’Antoni) Thursday night with their 116-107 loss to the Knicks at Madison Square Garden.

Kobe Bryant spoke harshly about the Lakers struggles after the loss.

“Every game for us has a lot of meaning to it,” said Bryant. “Maybe if we were rolling, playing well, it probably has added significance, but at this point I wish we had the Washington Generals on our schedule.”

D’Antoni was hired by the Lakers to fix the offensive struggles, but Bryant criticized the offense and direction of the team after the game.

“It’s just a team that really doesn’t have any stability,” said Bryant. “There’s no sense of purpose in what we want to do. I’ll direct it a little bit more, move me down the floor more in a striker position. We’ve had some success, but I’ll take control of the ball more and use Duhon to knock down some of those shots, which he’s capable of doing.”

However, despite the slow start, Bryant did not place the blame on D’Antoni for the Lakers’ offensive struggles to this point.

“It’s not fair,” said Bryant. “It’s tough. I mean he’s thrown in a situation where it’s just tough. I mean it’s been a huge adjustment for all of us, we have some figuring out to do, and we have some key pieces out. When they come back we’ll get this thing locked and loaded and make some adjustments, but I’m very pleased with our young guys and how they performed (Thursday).”