Andrew Bynum has yet to play this season due to his ailing knees, but he believes he's improving, especially compared to how he felt the last time he provided an update on his status.

"The update is that I’m feeling much better," Bynum said on Sunday. "From the beginning of this year, the state of the injury when I see the doctor hopefully I’ll be cleared for impact. Only the left knee (is hurting) the right knee is fine.

"It’s better from then, definitely improvement. ... Just shooting around a little bit with the guys. I’m starting to feel better."

Bynum, who will get his knees examined again on Thursday, admitted he's itching to get back on the court, seeing ways he can help a perimeter-based Philadelpa 76ers team.

"You want to play against your old team, always," Bynum said of Sunday's game between the 76ers and Los Angeles Lakers. "I’m just excited to play any game at this point."