Deron Williams stepped back from his comments about preferring Jerry Sloan's offense in comparison to Avery Johnson's in Tuesday morning's shootaround, blaming the media for sensationalizing his words.

"He knows that you guys take stuff and run with it," Williams said. "You write whatever you write, so, I mean, there's nothing to it. You asked me about my time in Utah, I'm not going to badmouth Utah; I had a great time in Utah. I loved the offense.

"I said we've had struggles on offense here, I haven't felt as comfortable here, which I've said all year. Hasn't changed. My stance hasn't changed. I said I can adapt to any offense and I'm working toward that."

Johnson tried to put Williams' comments in context.

"Everybody goes through it. (Tony) Parker and Gregg Popovich went through it. I went through it under Popovich. I'm sure Eli Manning and Coach Coughlin didn't agree on every single play, alright," Johnson said. "But I think coach doesn't want him to throw interceptions. That's the way it goes. He wants touchdowns, right. That's the way it goes. It's part of the cycle of the season."

Williams went 5-for-12 and 14 points in the Nets' loss on Tuesday to the Jazz.