Jabari Parker plans to get his degree from Duke even if he leaves early for the NBA.

"I made a deal with Jabari that if he is going to leave early, you've got to have that degree, and seven years is the deadline," Jabari's mother, Lola Parker, said. "The schools have been very accommodating where they have personalized Jabari's schedule so if he does decide to go pro we've done finance classes and a lot of media and TV stuff.

"We are preparing him for the next phase. If he does decide to go pro, he will need to go to summer classes. Whatever city he ends up in, he still takes classes during the season. I will create a tutor to travel with Jabari."

Parker indicated he might play two or three seasons in college.

"I'll go off of how I do," Parker said. "You never know. I may play in college for two or three years. It doesn't matter to me. I want the college experience, but the most important thing is getting a degree. I want to go to school. That's important to me, just going to school."