Andre Drummond's mother and sister relocated to Detroit after he was drafted by the Pistons.

Drummond is still just 19 years old.

"I still try to guide him," Drummond's mother, Christine Cameron, said at a recent Pistons charity event. "That's why I'm here. ... He's still young and he still needs a little guidance. I still try to put my two cents in.

"'I'm still your momma.' He has to listen to me."

"It was probably the greatest move I made," Drummond said. "To this day, I'm thankful that she's out here with me. A lot of guys don't have their family with them and they are alone sometimes so it's good to have."

Cameron is from St. Thomas in Jamaica, moving to the United States in 1989. 

"I grew up on the islands and I grew up a certain way," she said. "I would get my butt whipped. I don't do it the American way. I'm very firm and very strict with them so I have to discipline them. I keep them on a straight track. I don't let them run loose. I keep them home."

Cameron's primary responsibility is helping Drummond organize his life.