Dirk Nowitzki believes his surgically-repaired right knee is fully healed.

“Here’s the thing. I think my knee is 100 percent and it feels good," Nowitzki said. "But the game shape is not quite there. That’s something we’re going to keep working on. The knee was great last game. Just my legs were heavy. Like having cement blocks on my feet. And felt a step slow to everything. No lift. It’ll come from game to game and get better.”

Nowitzki scored 8 points and grabbed 6 rebounds in Sunday’s loss to the San Antonio Spurs.

“My wind actually felt fine for the first game back after two months,” Nowitzki told reporters after this morning’s shootaround. “But my legs were a little heavy. There was just a little pep missing. I can’t really move around or get up out there. So I think we’re going to monitor my minutes until I start feeling better and moving better out there. But for the first time in two months, it actually was decent.

“Up and down running, I was fine the last couple weeks, but the showing on defense, the push-back, the jumping, the rebounding, I’m still having a little trouble with. Not knee-wise, but just the muscles are not firing that quick as they should.”