Will Sessoms, mayor of Virginia Beach, has set a Monday deadline to have a lease agreement signed with the Sacramento Kings or he will walk away from their efforts to build an arean this year.

Sessoms has been pushing a plan for a $300 million-plus arena in his city, but told The Bee he has informed the city's private partner, arena operator Comcast-Spectacor, he wants an agreement now.

"We have a timeline that is right upon us to go to the state to ask for a substantial amount of money," Sessoms said. "We are not going to go up there and make a fool of ourselves. I need to know something by Monday.

"I don't want to be wasting people's time or my time if we are not going to bring some conclusion to these negotiations quickly."

The Kings attempted to move to Anaheim in 2011 but were persuaded by NBA officials at the last minute to stay in Sacramento.

The NBA requires a Mar. 1 notification of relocation.