LeBron James is scoring more efficiently than ever.

"I'm playing good basketball," said James, who is averaging 26.5 points while shooting a career-best 54.4 percent from the floor. "I'm at my highest peak. I don't know if I can continue to improve. I want to. I'm going to study the game. I'm going to continue not to take anything for granted and keep working on my game each and every day."

James is confident in his ability to score from all areas of the floor.

"I take some contested shots, some fadeaway shots, some shots I wouldn't teach my son to shoot," he said. "It's not fundamentals. I'm just comfortable in any shot that I take. I work on it. I believe every shot that I take is going in no matter where it's from. It's not that I'm taking better shots. I'm just confident in my ability."